Anshita Gupta

Anshita gupta

If Dad is my heart, then mom is my Heartbeat!”

Being a mother or father is no easy task, and just like every child is different, so is every parent. Some like to take a more serious approach to raising a child, while others feel that some casual guidance works best. Whatever the approach, we know that every parent wants the best for their children! 

It’s been discussed many times that men and women seem to come from different planets. Moms  and dads prove this theory once again in their reactions to similar child rearing situations.

While moms and dads are both physical with their children, dads are typically physical in different ways. Dads tend to play with their children, and moms tend to care for them. Dads are rough, while moms are gentle. Dads encourage competition,  moms encourage equity! Dads chase their children, sometimes as playful, scary “monsters”. Dads encourage independence while moms encourage security. Generally speaking, dads tickle more, they wrestle, and they throw their children in the air (while moms  warn “Not so high!”).

The role of a father is important in parenting, but the mother is always seen as the primary caregiver across all cultures. Also, as the role of a mother is extremely crucial , a father is more playful, funnier, and is better at letting kids push their boundaries.

While all moms and dads are different, there is plenty of evidence to show that moms tend to bring more sensitivity and emotion to parenting than dads and fathers tend to encourage more problem solving and risk taking than moms.

It’s time that we recognize that both are essential to the healthy growth and development of our children. 

Therefore, at Sun India Pre School, we recognise that both moms and dads have an extremely crucial role to play in a child’s upbringing! Therefore, to pay  tribute and appreciate  their endless love, sacrifice and care for their children, we have kept interactive sessions as “Mother’s Day” and “Father’s Day” to make them feel special and loved by their little munchkins! Are you excited to be pampered by your little ones ?!