Anshita Gupta

Anshita gupta


Thankyou, Shukrana, Merci, Gracias, Dhanyvad, all mean the same – Gratitude.

So, what is exactly Gratitude? The answer is Gratitude is a warm feeling of thankfulness, focusing on what’s good, and being appreciative. Gratitude is making constant effort to count one’s blessings and Gratitude is a choice we all should make for our lives!

In life, Gratitude changes the way you will look at things. It will open new horizons for us. It will help us overcome the biggest hurdles of our lives. Being grateful helps us enjoy what we have and makes us more grounded in failures and success. It keeps our mind positive. Practicing Gratitude helps us analyze our journey of who we are , how we got here, and where we want to go. 

Like adults, teaching kids Gratitude is necessary ! As we are building our future generation, it’s crucial that we develop our kids with not just higher IQ’s , but even stronger EQ’s. As it is rightly said, The best CEO’s of the world have both Higher IQ’s and stronger EQ’s! 

Gratitude helps kids to form better habits which results in a better mindset and results in a better way of living ! Gratitude makes kids emotionally strong.


  1. Practicing Gratitude helps develop good habits from the start and helps us to raise more emotionally stable humans.
  2. Gratitude helps them to be more peaceful and calm as it helps to regulate their emotions as they will concentrate on good things in their lives. 
  3. Kids start valuing everything- Gratitude helps kids to know the importance of each and everything in their lives, thus making them happier.
  4. Gratitude develops their Resilience as it is unavoidable to have ups and downs in life but gratitude helps them to find solutions and helps them to bounce back from tough situations, therefore making them resilient in life. 


We can teach Gratitude to kids in a fun way. We can do a lot of activities with them. Some of them are-

  1. Be a role model- The first and foremost way to teach kids about gratitude, is to be a role model yourself. As it is rightly said, kids don’t learn from us, they imitate us! So, we should be practicing gratitude ourselves, so our kids can imitate us.
  2. Practice Gratitude Ritual– Practicing gratitude morning and night regularly helps to form a habit. As it’s rightly said that it takes 21 days to build or break any habit. So, practicing gratitude as a daily ritual will help them learn it much better.
  1. Play the Gratitude Game– Making kids learn anything new in a fun way, is always more effective than just telling. So, playing the Gratitude Game is a very effective game which can be played with family, friends , or with a group of kids. You have to ask Questions such as –
  • Name a family member that you are thankful for 
  • Name a friend that you are thankful for
  • Name a book that you are thankful for
  • Name a food item that you are thankful for 
  • Name any memory that you are thankful for 
  • Name anything in nature that you are thankful for

And like this, many questions can be asked in a circle time or like a rapid fire round or one question at a time. This Game can be played as we wish and we can make it more fun.

  1. Tell them to thank one person daily– Small steps always result in bigger results! So, why not start with the smallest step towards our Gratitude practice, and ask them this one question daily , What are they thankful for? In a few days, we will be surprised by their wonderful answers. 

According to a famous quote, “ If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thankyou, it will be enough!” 

 So, Let’s raise happy and grateful kids as Gratitude is the right Attitude!!