“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turns out”! 

This quote by Bill Gates aptly highlights the importance of a good Early learning and Education program. A child who is trained and educated well during the formative years is found to learn things much faster and develop better skills compared to those who do not. 

If we provide the right Early Childhood Education, It has a significant effect on the learning abilities of the child. Children absorb much faster at an early age and acquire skills which they continue to build upon through their life. 

We all should recognise that children of today will be the country’s leaders for tomorrow! 

Importance of Preschool education to a toddler is that it helps in a child’s emotional, social and personal growth and development. Although a child learns to talk while at home, in a Preschool,continuous interaction and exposure with children of the same age group and with teachers helps them to enhance their communication skills. 

A quality Early Childhood Education provides children with cognitive, behavioral and social skills they cannot learn at home. Therefore, to build readiness for learning and immerse the child in inquiry based learning, preschool education plays a pivotal role. So, as a lot of parents have a dilemma about the benefits of preschool education,here are some of the main benefits of choosing Early Childhood Care and Education. 

There are a lot of benefits of Preschool Education:

Preschool will help your toddler develop important skills, such as taking turns, listening to others, helping one another, etc. Interacting with other children of the same age can teach your child to communicate better. 

Studies show that the first five years are when kids develop the essential emotional and social skills as brain development is most rapid in this age group. 

Also, educators and researchers plan, prepare and build to educate, inspire, guide, support the kids and most importantly celebrate the most beautiful phase of mankind that is childhood.

As, Education forms the foundation of any society, it is really important that our young generation gets good quality preschool education for kids. 

Therefore, the best curriculum to teach preschool aged children can vary from child to child. The curriculum should meet the needs of the children even if it means different curriculum for different kids. One particular thing might work for one but not for the other. 

The curriculum should be an amalgamation of different methodologies such as Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia etc. to meet the needs of all children. Also, EYFS ,i.e. Early Years Foundation Stage is one of the best curriculum to teach preschool aged children as it emphasizes Early Learning Goals.

It is rightly said, “Children must be taught how to think, and not what to think”!

So, Our main aim, as Educators and Parents should be to facilitate a  360 degree development for the child by focusing not just on academics but also on other crucial skills, that make our child different from others, as this will help our kids to become inquisitive learners, better thinkers and brilliant human beings. 

Also, as we raise higherIQ’s, we should also focus on stronger EQ’s and smarter SQ’s as Intelligence plus character, that is the true goal of education”! 

So, let’s come together to  propel our children’s  growth and give wings of imagination and creativity to our little ones!

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