Schooling V/s  Homeschooling V/s  Unschooling

Should you opt for schooling, homeschooling or unschooling for your kid? This is a major dilemma these days for all the parents. So, which one is best for your child and which should you choose? When we think about children’s education, we usually categorise it into regular schooling and homeschooling  specially during a pandemic. But, […]

Mom Vs Dad

“If Dad is my heart, then mom is my Heartbeat!” Being a mother or father is no easy task, and just like every child is different, so is every parent. Some like to take a more serious approach to raising a child, while others feel that some casual guidance works best. Whatever the approach, we […]

How should you choose a good phonics program?

There are many good phonics programs that are available worldwide. Jolly Phonics, Letterland, Phonics Bug, Read Write Inc.Happy Phonics are some of the well-known phonics programs across the globe and versions of these are used by all Pre Schools in India.  Phonics teaches young learners how to read letters or groups of letters by saying […]

Why Outdoor play is Important for kids?

Outdoor play fosters children’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical development. And by being outside and surrounded by nature, children experience an ever-changing and free-flowing environment that stimulates all the senses. Today, ample research has shown that nature exposure has numerous long-term benefits. So, how can elements of nature help your child learn? Children lead with […]

6 Steps to Get Kids to Listen Effectively

Are you struggling to make your child listen to you? Do you want them to listen to you, respect you and behave better? Here are some of the steps to make them listen better! 6 Steps to Get Kids to Listen effectively are- 1. Be present When you need your child’s attention, make sure you […]


“THANKYOU, THE MOST MAGICAL WORD Thankyou, Shukrana, Merci, Gracias, Dhanyvad, all mean the same – Gratitude. So, what is exactly Gratitude? The answer is Gratitude is a warm feeling of thankfulness, focusing on what’s good, and being appreciative. Gratitude is making constant effort to count one’s blessings and Gratitude is a choice we all should […]